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Chasing Dreams

Updated: Apr 17, 2019


Let’s be honest here, what 24 (knocking on the door of 25) year old moves four hours away from home and decides to open a business in a field she’s never worked in before. Answer: me. Emmy Stephens, that’s who. No I am not crazy, I just dream big dreams and then eventually with enough push from the amazing people in my life I go after them. Y'all I hope and pray there is someone in your life who will look at you and say “go for it.” If you don’t have those people in your life reach out to me and I will be that person for you.

This wasn’t just a wild hair tho, actually it’s something I have been thinking about for probably five or four years now. I have always loved cute clothes. At one point I owned 75 dresses (my friend Haley counted just to prove a point that I didn’t need to buy any more.) Trust me when I say I have done my fair share of shopping. I also know how a cute outfit and feeling good about yourself really can change your day around.

That’s what I want Emerald Grace to be. Every time you stop in or whether you buy something or not I want you to walk away feeling better about yourself. I want it to be the place that changes your day around. A happy place. A place where you can dream big dreams with me.

That’s why I’m doing this, I wanted to create my own space in this crazy world that we live in that revolves around good things. Where women lift each other up and we make each other believe that we really do run the world, because we do.

I cant always say everything I need to say in the short amount of time we see each other in the store. Here I’ll be sharing some random thoughts. my mom calls me squirlly girly, because its crazy inside of my head, but I'll try to take it easy on you. Some will be serious, some recipes, local restaurant recommendations (a girl loves to eat), book recommendations and maybe even an online book club. So what do you say, let’s make the world a brighter place.

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