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Happy Belated Earth Day!

Hi friends!

Earth day was on Monday, so I felt like it would be a great time to talk about one of my favorite things: plants! More importantly... the kind you can eat.

As you may know I grew up around farms all my life. I am used to being able to walk out my back yard and just stick a plant in the ground if I wanted to. I live in a condo now though, so unless I want to upset my neighbors I really can’t just plant things where ever. So, I'm going from the flip-flop farmer to now being the balcony farmer.

Here are some helpful tips for balcony gardening:

The only real requirement here is a pot and some really good potting soil. Cute pots make everything fun though!

I decided to plant two tomato plants, some cucumber seeds and some bean seeds....

I have always had an issue with my tomato plants falling over, even if they were in cages. This “tape” (its more like Velcro really) keeps this from happening. Make sure you don’t place it tightly, because you want your plant to have room to grow.

Green beans and cucumbers tend to have tendency to “run.” These trellises give them something to run on so they don’t end up on your neighbor’s porch.

Last tip!: Before putting your plant into the soil make sure to pull the roots apart a little bit.

As always, water them in real good.

Hopefully this helps some and we can all have porch gardens!

Happy planting,



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